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Have you ever seen a blog post, a video or some other content that makes an extremely biased claim that would likely insult anyone who disagrees with it? If you read internet marketing blogs, forums or other community websites, chances are you have. Someone posts a review or commentary ripping some product or "guru" apart, and all the people who believe in that person or product jump in to defend them. Next thing you know, that thread is getting links from other websites, traffic from the search engines and is just generally getting noticed. This is the art of linkbaiting. Linkbait is basically something that you post on your website with the main intent of generating controversy or attention and using that to in turn generate traffic.

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If you can come up with something that can create a lot of discussion in your market, it can be a lot more effective than weeks of SEO work, and in a lot of cases it will continue to generate traffic even after the initial buzz dies down. You can get picked up on or another Marketing Consultants website. Other people will link to your post, along with their own commentary on their blog. People will be talking about your linkbait piece in forums. And the list goes on. The ideal linkbait is something that could spur attention from people on both sides of the "fence". This is a brilliant technique, as not only does it improve other aspects of your markteting, it also provides a great lead generation model.

This post on The Unofficial Apple Weblog is a perfect example: The Street - Mac Owners Are Snobs If you're a fan of Mac computers, the title alone is going to get your attention. Who wants to be told they're a snob? If you read the article on, they're pointing out several claims that were made in a video on another website. If you go and watch that video, it isn't actually as anti-Mac as you would think from the rebuttal on At least it didn't seem that way to me. There were quite a few digs at Windows users in there too. I think people on either side of the Mac vs PC debate could get worked up over the video. And as a result, make posts like the one on, along with a link back to the video. The Mac vs PC market is a fairly easy one to do this in. There are plenty of fanatical people in both camps, who will jump in to defend "their" operating system at the drop of a hat. In fact, they tend to go a little over the edge a lot of the time. But even if your market isn't quite as nuts about their beliefs, you can still use linkbaiting as a way to generate some buzz about your website and to drive a lot of traffic to it as a result.